The surroundings as a source of inspiration.
The grid as a playing field.
The letter as medium.
De omgeving en het grid
graduation project
June 2021︎︎︎ 

In a world full of choices and endless changes, I felt the need for structure. For that reason I searched for a method in which I could get grip on myself and my surroundings. This led me to the following question: How can I convert my urge for structure into a design method?

With this research question, I looked for a method in which most choices had already been determined in advance. A method that provided rhythm and regularity. A method in which I could focus on the making process and not on the end result. A method in which my visual fascination for structure would be visible in my designs. A method called De omgeving en het grid.  
De omgeving en het grid is a design method with which I translate each surrounding into a typographic design in six steps by means of a fixed structure. This method has been incorporated into a book.