KNAAP is an artist who is not too pretentious, someone you can easy level and deal with. In general, his music is in drum and bass, but the style within it can still be very different. He makes mysterious and relaxed Ambient drum and bass, but he also likes to explore the rough edges with Neurofunk drum and bass.
Logo design
March 2020
As an artist, he was looking for a logo with appropriate typography. A logo where the name is not necessary to recognize who it is, a logo that can be used with or without the name KNAAP.
He had a lot of inspiration, ideas, and examples how it should look like. However, it sometimes varied a bit, so I had to make choices about the starting points. With the quote “the less it says, the better it communicates” I started filtering.

To set up a large sketching process I gave myself a rule: one type of material with which I should ‘build’ the logo. With this, I went looking for all possibilities that could suit KNAAP. After more filtering, the above icon with appropriate typography was eventually created.