Nowadays we are inundated with images. So many, that we almost don't have to think about it by ourselves anymore. Past in a Post is a project where Thijmen and I challenged ourselves to think about certain themes and to shape our own imagination into a typographic Post.
Past in a Post 
experimental project
by Thijmen & Esmée
March 2020 - May 2021︎︎︎

On March 1, 2020, we, Thijmen and I, started Past in a Post. Our goal was to experiment in the graphic field and to discover each other's vision on different themes. Since then, we have designed a typographic card every week that we shared by mail with each other.
Before we started our project, we established a number of rules within which we designed, these rules are:

  1. One person determines a word, based on an experience or feeling of that week.
  2. The other person determines a color, this specific color attracted attention that week.
  3. This data is converted by each person into a typographic design in which only letters and/or shapes are being used.
  4. The size of the design is 210mm x 148mm.
  5. The post is sent to each other each week via email.
What first started as a plan for a few months resulted in a one-year project. For 12 months long we designed a typographical Post every week that we shared with each other and people who followed the project via our newsletter or Instagram. In total, we created 104 Posts.
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